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To the Ends of the Amazon

It’s here! The 5th Annual JMA Jungle Pastors’ Conference is underway! 

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By God’s great grace, we have 88 pastors, wives, and church leaders in attendance at the John Pac Centre at Terra de Paz on the Amazon River. We have a great team of American and Brazilian pastors and teachers there to encourage, train, and equip these men and women for ministry in one of the most difficult terrains in the world: the Amazon Jungle.

We are grateful that so many were able to make the trek to the conference, a journey that for many, is days and days by boat, foot, bus, and more.

Would you join us in fervent prayer? We pray expectantly, knowing we serve a God that loves to do more than we can ask or imagine. He is the Father who calls all people to Himself, and then men and women in attendance at this conference are the ones who carry that call to the depths of the Jungle.

Here is how you can pray for the conference today and this week:

  • That the Holy Spirit would be present and active among all that is done
  • For the teachers and pastors that will teach and train – that they would speak boldly the message God has given them
  • That true community would be built among the pastors and leaders attending the conference
  • That cultural and language barriers between the JMI team and the attendees would be non-existent
  • That logistics of schedule, meals, and all other details would run seamlessly
  • For a renewed sense of excitement and passion for the calling God has placed on the lives of these men and women for the Kingdom
  • That the ripple effect of this conference would reach to the very depths of the Amazon, for the sake of the Gospel
  • For safe travel for all as they journey home

Thank you to all who sponsored pastors or gave generally to make this conference happen. God is at work through this event! If you’d like to give to this conference or toward the work in the Amazon, go here.

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