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The latest updates on the Ukraine Crisis and its impact on our work in Moldova.

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JMI is an organization that seeks to create sustainable and Gospel-centered life change for the poor, orphaned, and forgotten people of the world. When any type of conflict or injustice arises, military or otherwise, the poor and vulnerable suffer the most. We are praying and working for the protection of families caught in the middle of this conflict; we pray this conflict will be resolved quickly and peacefully.

Latest News

Caring for the Poor & the Vulnerable

As the war in Ukraine continues, the reality that many Ukrainians in Moldova are facing is long term refugee status. Our Crisis Response Director, Cezara Moscalciuc, was able to meet and talk with families about what long term care looks like after vital needs are taken care of. We are beginning to prepare to meet this second “wave” of needs and are trying to determine how many families under our care plan to stay in Moldova long term.

We also continue to work and partner with different churches and refugee camps. Our main focus as we work with families is to determine what the needs are and address them all to the extent we are able. Most of the families with small children and the elderly are asking for food and other basic items, as they cannot find jobs here in Moldova or are unable to work the jobs that are available.

Our team in Moldova is able to step in and reach needs more fully than other government organizations are able to. Due to the number of refugees coming into Moldova, many organizations struggle to meet the needs of the individual as they try to reach the needs of the masses. JMI is able to see each individual family and provide them with a great quality and quantity of care that they wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Summer is approaching and many refugees only brought winter clothes with them when they fled their homes. Long term support is a reality as the war continues and families have to stay longer in Moldova. As inflation continues to rise, the cost of care increases. We are incredibly thankful for our supporters who make it possible for us to provide a high level of care and aid to the people of Moldova.

As long as there are refugees in Moldova, we will continue to serve them. It is a privilege to do the Lord’s work alongside you. Together we are making a difference.

Previous News

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An Update from Moldova

Because of you, our team on the ground is able to continue caring for the most vulnerable. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these precious children and families!   It has been three months since Russia invaded Ukraine and the Moldovan people have...

Moldova Crisis Update

The war continues in Ukraine. As the shock of the conflict wears off, the realities of war are still incredibly sharp for the refugees flooding into Moldova from Ukraine. Our team is staying busy as they continue to provide aid to refugees around the country. Through...

News From Our Team in Moldova

This past week, our work in Moldova mirrored the Easter celebrations so many of us participated in. Food bags were filled with Easter treats and cakes; games and activities were brought to children to celebrate our risen Savior. As our team continues to work around...

Continuing to Care for Those Impacted by the War in Ukraine

As news outlets report almost ⅔ of Ukrainian children being displaced since the war began, our Moldova team ministered to refugee families by hosting a Kids Day Camp. For the last two months, refugee children have been under incredible amounts of stress, their...

Kids Camp for Refugees in Moldova

This past Saturday, our Moldova team ministered to refugee families in Moldova by hosting a Kids Day Camp! For the last two months, refugee children have been under incredible amounts of stress, their world-changing around them rapidly, in complex and scary ways. Our...

An Update from Cezara

The Refugee Crisis Continues 3/28/2022-4/1/2022 In Moldova, we are continuing to hear firsthand from refugees fleeing Ukraine. Refugees are fearful for the family they have still in Ukraine. Women worry about their husbands who are unable to join them across the...

Introducing our Crisis Response Team

In Moldova, our team continues to assess our work providing aid to refugees. In the last few weeks, we built a team of staff in Moldova that will lead the charge of caring for these refugees. Cezara Moscalciuc has stepped into the role of our Head of Crisis Response...

An Update from Moldova

As the war continues in Ukraine, JMI’s effort to provide aid and support to refugees remains a focus for the organization. Chris Hardy, Director of Programs and Church Partnerships, and Rachel Trammell, Sponsorship and Programs Manager, recently returned to the U.S....

Together We Are Making A Difference

Over the last two weeks almost 3 million people have fled Ukraine seeking safety and shelter in their neighboring countries. More than 350,000 have escaped to Moldova, many have traveled on to other countries, but there are an estimated 150,000 who have remained in...

Update from Alina

On February 28th, 2022, Mary Katharine Hunt and Chris Hardy sat down to talk about the impact of the invasion of Ukraine with Alina Magdaliuc, the National Director of the Moldovan arm of JMI.  The JMI team in Moldova, a staff of about 40, jumped in head first to...

Pray for Ukraine

Our hearts are heavy as we watch what is happening in Ukraine. The ramifications of this attack are global, and for JMI and our friends and family, they are also personal. As you know, one of the countries where we work primarily is Moldova, which directly borders...

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