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Sponsor Spotlight: Mark and Pat Cooper

There’s something special about sponsoring a family with your family. Mark and Pat Cooper, along with their niece, Sara, sponsor all four kids in a Moldovan family together. When Pat had a brain tumor removed three years ago, she never imagined how God would use it to minister to one …

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Libraries Offer Opportunities Along the Amazon

Part of making justice personal is giving boys and girls the opportunity to learn. In the Amazon jungle, families face numerous hardships, with one major obstacle being limited access to educational opportunities. JMI has been addressing this issue since 2004 by building schools in remote villages, saving children from long …

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Sponsor Spotlight: JD Binger

Teacher and coach, JD Binger, enjoys connecting with kids. He brought that same enthusiasm to sponsoring vulnerable children when he decided to “join the party” with JMI. Below, he shares how being a sponsor has blessed him over the years. JD currently sponsors 5 vulnerable children in Moldova. Q: How …

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Sponsor Spotlight: Caroline Chamberlain

Writing letters back and forth with a sponsored child is a beautiful way to build a relationship and see God at work in his or her life. JMI sponsor, Caroline Chamberlain, wrote letters every month for 3.5 years with her sponsored teen, Valentina, in our Transitional Living Program in Moldova. …

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Protecting Kids in the Amazon

Our work with pastors, families and children in the Amazon has grown immensely this year.  A large part of this increased impact comes from ramping up our child protection efforts. Child abuse is prevalent along the Amazon River, where families live in obscurity and alcoholism runs rampant. While Amazonas is …

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Changing the Next Generation in Moldova

Over the past year, the situation with the war in Ukraine has continued to impact our work in Moldova. Inflation has soared and energy prices continue to be an area of concern. But our 45+ team on the ground in Moldova continues to serve the most vulnerable children and families …

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Understanding the Moldovan School System

Written by: Jennifer Sevier Sponsor and JMI Moldova Volunteer If you have had the privilege to sponsor a child through the JMI Sponsorship program, you have likely been confused by the terminology the children use to describe their school experiences.  Having sponsored children for many years, I was often unsure …

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Sponsor Spotlight: Teresa Harris

It is such a joy to hear how God works through our child sponsorship program to not only change the lives of vulnerable children and families in Moldova and the Amazon, but also make a lasting impact on the sponsors themselves. Below is an inspiring Q&A with one of our …

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