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We Need Your Help

A year ago, on February 24, 2022, we read about the shocking and frightening news that Russia had invaded Ukraine. Since then, over eight million refugees have fled into all different parts of Europe, including the tiny neighboring country of Moldova. The volume of refugees pouring in stirred up our Moldova-based staff to spring into action. Ukrainians arrived with fear, loss, and need. We welcomed them with compassion, love, and resources. The gracious people of Moldova housed these new friends with whatever they had, which was very little. We supplied the hosts and refugees with their every need, including medicine, food, clothes, and protection.

Although many left, JMI decided to stay. In addition to resources, we continued with our regular programming; providing gospel-centered teaching, monthly sponsorship gifts, and more.

Today, inflation is still extremely high. Due to the war, prices are soaring, making ministry more expensive. We are so grateful for your monthly donation for twelve months of the year for your vulnerable child, youth, and families. Giving a thirteenth gift would help counteract these rising costs amid war. This giving will go back into our vulnerable child programming and assist in covering the heightened expenses of materials. Last year, our thirteenth gift campaign was a huge help and we were able to provide more than we ever thought possible.

In light of this financial need, would you consider giving a thirteenth gift? 

Thank you for your continued support as we seek to give, evangelize, and serve the poor, orphaned, and forgotten.

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