We Need Your Help!

As the conflict in Ukraine persists and the needs of vulnerable people only grow, JMI donors, volunteers, and staff have stepped up in vital ways. In the midst of such suffering, our team has been blown away by the generosity of our supporters. It is this generosity that has made it possible to provide aid and care to Ukrainian refugees all across the country of Moldova.
One of the side effects of this conflict is the toll it has taken on the Moldovan economy. Inflation is soaring in Moldova. The many poor and vulnerable in Moldova are now concerned about the threats to their national security while also contending with steep inflation. Those who already struggled to make ends meet are facing even greater difficulties. This is why ongoing sponsorship is so vital. 
This inflation has hit our programs in more ways than one. As you know, your monthly sponsorship provides your child with a gift of clothes, shoes, school supplies, hygiene products, and more. These items have now all increased in cost, making it more difficult for us to provide the same level of support that we are committed to as an organization. 
In light of this unique and difficult situation, we are asking each of our faithful sponsors to stand with the vulnerable and consider making one extra sponsorship payment this month. This would tremendously benefit our Moldova team as they continue to provide quality care and provision for acutely vulnerable children.
Your generosity in sponsorship has allowed us to carry the hope of Jesus to these remote places and forgotten people. Your kindness and sacrificial giving have not gone unnoticed and are helping to push back the darkness in Moldova. Thank you for standing with us in such a time as this. 
Will you stand in the gap and make your extra sponsorship gift to help during this difficult time?

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