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Justice & Mercy Amazon

Our Mission

Justice & Mercy Amazon (JMA) exists to make justice personal for the poor, the orphaned, and the forgotten. One of the primary places we work is in the Amazon. The Amazonas region of Brazil is vast in both size and need, and research shows that 80% of the state still has no Gospel presence. Along the banks of the mighty Amazon River are villages of people who feel forgotten and unseen. Many have deep spiritual, physical, and emotional needs that are unmet. By God’s grace, Justice & Mercy International is seeking to change that.

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JMA programming is centered around 5 main care and development focuses. Through these programs, we are able to address injustice and poverty within the Amazon region of Brazil. Central in all of our programming is our dedication to the Gospel. In all things, we seek to honor Jesus Christ and love those we serve according to His Word.

How Our Ministry Started

John Paculabo (1946-2013) had a passion for the forgotten people of the Amazon. In the midst of a long and successful career in the Christian music industry, a business trip took John to Brazil. It was then that God began teaching him what it means to worship through serving the poor. John spent the next 10 years of his life building schools, equipping jungle pastors, and developing deep relationships with people in the villages along the Amazon River. In the summer of 2012, John was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He fought the disease with great faith and courage. As his health declined, John worried about two things: his family and the people he loved in the Amazon. On John’s last night on earth, he gave the little time he had left to a meeting that would ensure the work on behalf of the Amazon river people would continue. That night a new non-profit ministry called Justice & Mercy Amazon (JMA) was formed.

John Paculabo Centre

JMA’s John Paculabo Centre stands in the middle of the jungle as a beacon of hope. JMA plans to offer ongoing training and services at the Centre. This will be a tremendous benefit to the surrounding villages. The Centre also hosts our Jungle Pastors’ Conferences and serves as a home base for mission teams throughout the year.


The Splendor



  • Host larger mission teams
  • Have an onboard training center
  • Provide medical & dental care onboard
  • Travel more efficiently
  • Better transportation for our jungle pastors’ conferences
  • Continue to reach the ends of the earth


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