A New Boat in the Amazon

As our ministry increases along the Amazon River of Brazil, we are in need of a bigger, more efficient boat to reach the furthest points of the Amazon.



Every Dollar You Give Will Be Matched!

One of our generous partners has agreed to match any gift being made until we reach our goal of $440,00! We are so excited to be closer to this goal that will enable us to impact generations throughout the Amazon region. Thank you for partnering with us and making justice personal!

Planning for the future

Our current boat, the Discovery, has faithfully served us for many years, traveling far down the River, providing transportation and a good home for our volunteer mission teams as we care for the people of the Amazon. As our reach grows, so do the needs we are encountering. Our current boat is very expensive to maintain, and simply too small to host our mission teams and the Jungle Pastors we serve.  A bigger, more efficient boat will be the vessel that carries the healing and hope of Jesus to the furthest points of the Amazon-to the ends of the earth.


A New Custom Boat

Will Enable Us To:

Host larger mission teams

This year, we expect to host 11 mission teams and many trips will have 18+ team members plus Brazilian volunteers and crew.

have a Training Center

Our goal is to have a floating training center in order to hold onboard trainings for 30+ people.

Provide medical care

A bigger boat would allow us to provide medical and dental care with an onboard pharmacy and storage for medical supplies.

Travel Efficiently

This custom build would enable us to travel into shallower waters, enabling us to go to places that we currently cannot reach.

Better transportation

We would be able to transport pastors and their wives during their times at our Jungle Pastors’ Conferences.

Reach the ends of the earth

Continue our work to help accomplish the Great Commission in the state of Amazonas. 

Our Need:

We have an immediate need of $400,000 to fund the new boat. This is an investment into the next 20 years of ministry in the Amazon.

1. $350,000 will cover the construction cost of a new mission trip boat–This will cover the cost of designing, building and equipping a new larger boat which will be made out of steel instead of wood, which will greatly lower the cost of ongoing maintenance. This boat should last the ministry 20+ years and will be specifically designed for the kind of trips and training JMA offers.

2. $50,000 will cover cost for the onboard pharmacy, a water filtration system, sewage treatment system, solar panels for backup power, etc.

Would you prayerfully consider investing in JMI’s future work in the Amazon? 

Boat Plans

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