John Paculabo’s Story

John Paculabo (1946-2013) had a passion for the forgotten people of the Amazon. Toward the end of a long and successful career in the Christian music industry, a business trip took John to Brazil. It was then that God began teaching him what it means to worship through serving the poor. John spent  the next 10 years of his life building schools, equipping jungle pastors, and developing deep relationships with people in the villages along the Amazon River. In the summer of 2012, John was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He fought the disease with great faith and courage. As his health declined, John worried about two things: his family and the people he loved in the Amazon. On John’s last night on earth, he gave the little time he had left to a meeting that would insure the work on behalf of the Amazon river people would continue. That night a new non-profit ministry called Justice & Mercy Amazon (JMA) was formed. JMA’s mission is to release worship to the poor by educating, equipping, encouraging and caring for the Amazon River people.

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