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12 Days Away!


12 Days!

The 5th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference is just 12 days away!

On February 15th, indigenous pastors and church leaders from all along the Amazon River will gather at JMI’s John Pac Centre on the Rio Negro for a 5 days of teaching, encouragement, and community.

We cannot wait to be with our brothers and sisters there. These are the faithful men and women who carry the good news of the Gospel to the darkest parts of the Amazon jungle. It is a true joy to serve alongside them and encourage them through our Jungle Pastors’ Conference.

We believe in the power of prayer. Oswald Chambers said it so well: “Prayer does not equip us for greater works— prayer is the greater work.” In light of this, we invite you to join us in fervent prayer for this event.

Joining us to teach are Pastor Mike Minter, Pastor Jeff Simmons, Angela Thomas, Kelly Minter, Pastor Winston Lages, Pastor Mike Meyers, David Shedd, Leo Ahlstrom, and more.

Would you commit to praying for this event over the next days leading up to this event? Here’s how you can do that specifically:

  • Currently we have 112 people signed up and we hope that at least 70 of them will be able to make it. Pray that all 112 to be able to find their way to the conference despite difficult circumstances.
  • Pray for smooth logistics that will allow a distraction-free conference
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to inhabit the times of teaching and worship; apart from the work of the Spirit we can do nothing.
  • Pray for true community to be built among the jungle pastors and leaders, so that they would support and encourage one another in ministry throughout the year
  • Pray for wisdom for the team coming from the U.S.; for God to give each team member the words and message He has for the pastors.
  • Pray for safe flights and on-time arrivals for our U.S. team. We have several close connections on our way to Brazil.
  • Pray for a open hearts that are ready to receive whatever the Father has, without distraction or interruption
  • Pray for the Good News of the Gospel to be furthered among the people of the Amazon because of the men and women who attend this special conference

If you have given financially toward this conference, thank you. Your investment is sure to pay huge dividends in just two weeks time. And if you can join us in prayer for the event, we would be incredibly thankful. 

If you’d like to give toward the conference, you can do so by clicking the button below.


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