Amazon Trip Followup - Justice & Mercy International

Welcome Back from the Amazon

Now what?

So, now that you are back, what do you do? How can you continue to make justice personal for the poor & the vulnerable, even from thousands of miles away? Below are a few different ways you can continue your partnership with us at JMI.

Pray for us

We need your prayers! Will you commit to praying regularly for our team on the ground, the precious people we serve, and our team in the US? Pray for the Lord’s protection as we carry out His work on a daily basis. Pray for strength for our team on the ground, for wisdom and discernment, as they face different challenges each week. And pray that we will continue to keep our eyes fixed on the Father, as we follow His leading. We know that we cannot do this work without Him!

Become a Sponsor

Our programming reflects our desire to make a lasting and tangible change for some of the world’s most vulnerable. By addressing physical, economical, and spiritual poverty, we have seen that JMI programming is life-changing. One of the ways we do this is through sponsorship. You can link arms with one of our vulnerable children or jungle pastors today by becoming a JMI sponsor. 


Join the Justice League

Our Justice League heroes play a significant role in supporting our general programming. Through financial support, prayer, and advocacy, you become a part of our mission to create sustainable and Gospel-centered life change. When you sign up to give $50+ a month, for 12 months or more, you will automatically become a member of the league. As a member, you will receive early access to event tickets, bonus JMI updates, special videos from our team on the ground, and exclusive JMI Justice League Merchandise! 

Join the Justice League

Stay in Touch

Join the JMI newsletter community to keep up to date with our work on the ground, and for more information about our annual events, campaigns and fun initiatives. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the ministry; so even when you can’t be with our team on the ground, you can still be a part of the journey.

Sign up

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