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Heart for the Amazon Fund

Almost every February for the last decade, Mike Minter has trekked deep into the heart of the Amazon for JMI’s Jungle Pastors’ Conferences.

A mission-focused pastor, Mike founded Reston Bible Church in 1974 and quickly emphasized the importance of spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth. From the start of his ministry, supporting missions was a primary focus of Mike’s. At Reston Bible Church, a large part of Mike’s legacy is the passion he has for missions and making the name and love of Jesus known globally.

He’s been all over the world, taking his heart for people and knowledge of the Bible with him. But something seemed to click when Mike arrived in the Amazon for the first time. His heart was captured by what he saw there. Friends describe Mike standing on the bow of riverboats wide-eyed and full of wonder at the beauty that is found in the Amazon. Even before JMI formally started working in the Amazon, Mike Minter linked arms with John Paculabo and his already existing UK-based ministry, Ray of Hope. Mike bought into the vision that John had for the Amazon and on the decks of the Discovery, a friendship was formed.

It didn’t take long for Mike to become a staple at our annual Jungle Pastors’ Conferences, bounding up and down the steep wooden stairs that lead people from their boats to the John Pac Center. Jungle Pastors hear about Mike and are immediately drawn to him. During these pastors’ conferences, you can usually find Mike teaching or surrounded by a group of Jungle Pastors laughing and using his few words of Portuguese to try to connect.

The Amazon is a family affair for the Minters! Mike’s daughter, Kelly Minter, is a popular author, Bible teacher and speaker. She is also a Program Advisor and Advocate for Justice & Mercy International. For Mike and Kelly, the Jungle Pastors’ Conference is a yearly highlight. You can read more about Kelly’s involvement in the Amazon in her book Wherever the River Runs.

Mike is a teacher, knowing the Bible backward and forwards. He’s adamant, though, that when he is in the Amazon, the Jungle Pastors are teaching him. Mike is often quoted saying, “I teach them the Bible, but they (the Jungle Pastors) teach me about Jesus.”

The wonder that Mike has for the jungle, river, and nature that is a part of the Amazon is inspiring, but it pales in comparison to the way Mike cherishes the people in the state of Amazonas.

When you contribute to the Mike Minter Heart for the Amazon Fund, you are giving to a mission that is focused on making the Gospel known to the 80% of the Amazon that still has no Gospel presence. Through equipping local churches and pastors, we are able to go further than we ever could go on our own.

We hope that you prayerfully consider contributing to this fund, as resources like this allow us to push our ministry with our jungle pastors forward. As you pray, pray also that our impact on the Amazon be multiplied and the reach of the Gospel would move ever more deeply into unreached areas of the jungle.

We hope you’ll stand on the boat with Mike and JMI as we look out at all the Lord has planned for the Amazon.


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