What makes JMI different?

Where does my money go?


Vulnerable Child

  • provides seasonal clothes and shoes such as hats, gloves, underwear, socks, etc. four times per year
  • provides hygiene supplies such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. twice per year
  • provides school supplies once a year
  • provides access to a caseworker and translator for communication with their sponsor year-round
  • receive letters from their child once a month through Reach
  • receive a village newsletter from their child’s village once a month through email
  • their child receives a monthly gift and a monthly gospel presentation/bible story
  • their child gets to attend the monthly meeting

Priority Needs

  • provides a family with a food bag
  •  these food bags will feed a family for a month
  • receive letters from their family once a month through Reach
  • receive a village newsletter from their family’s village once a month through email

Special Needs

  • provides medical care and medicines
  • staff conducts monthly check-ins
  • basic necessities for the individual and family

Transitional Living: Non-Residential

  • a Gospel-centered community
  • the guidance and discipleship from JMI staff
  • life skills training
  • English lessons
  • help with education costs
  • stipend for hygiene supplies, clothing, transportation, and more
  • access to a Social worker
  • monthly gatherings with all Transitional Living residents
  • Bible study and volunteer opportunities
  • monthly communication with US sponsor via JMI staff translators
monthly, of shares of $85 or $170

Transitional Living: Residential

  • you will receive letters from their teen once a month through Reach
  • you will receive a village newsletter from their teen’s specific house once a month through email
  • teens live in a house with a house parent and peers their age
  • they learn cooking and cleaning skills
  • access to discipleship from JMI staff and house parent
  • provides community with peers their age
  • allows the teen to continue their education
  • access to social workers, English lessons, life skills classes, and computer classes
  • monthly meetings with boys’ and girls’ houses
  • weekly Bible studies



monthly, of shares of $75 or $150

Independent Living

  • an apartment to live with three other peers and practice independence
  • the opportunity to continue education or begin working
  • monthly gatherings with students in our Transitional Living programs 
  • regular check-ins from JMI staff
  • the chance to take part in program social outings
  • access to life skills training and English lessons
  • the chance to correspond with their sponsor

I’ve been working with Justice & Mercy International since my first trip to the Amazon in 2009. Since then, I’ve participated in yearly jungle pastors conferences, taken trips to serve the vulnerable in Moldova, and advocated for the mission across the country. JMI is part of my daily life and passion. To serve the often forgotten people of the Amazon and Moldova has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I’m blessed to do it with an organization that keeps the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of all we do. He is the reason JMI exists.

—Kelly Minter
Author, Speaker & JMI Program Advisor


Can I send a package to my sponsored child?
If you’d like to give your child a birthday or Christmas gift, the best way to do so is by making an extra one-time donation on our website and indicating on that form who what the funds are for (i.e. Ion Sirbu birthday gift). We ask that you not give over $45 for these extra gifts.
How often should I write my child?
You can write your child once a month, and writing within the first 10 days of the month makes it easier for our staff on the ground to deliver your letter that same month. Set recurring a reminder on your phone or computer so you don’t forget!
Can I include my social accounts or contact information in my letter?
We recommend that you keep contact limited to the JMI letter writing system. Some older kids may have social media pages; you may connect with them there but we ask that if you run into anything troublesome, you make JMI staff aware. Some sponsors prefer to keep all communication restricted to the JMI site for their own protection.
How do I know that my child received my letter?
Our Moldova-based staff is diligent about delivering your letters. You can expect to receive a response within a month or so, depending on when you write. Writing in the first 10 days of the month makes it easier for our staff on the ground to deliver your letter that same month.
Where can I get more information about my child?
Biographical, family and other information about your child can be found, along with photos, on your child’s JMI profile. If there is something specific you’re looking to know, we encourage you to ask those questions in your letter writing!
Is there anything I should avoid writing about in my letters?
We advise against
  • making promises you may not be able to keep;
  • indulging their fantasies/desires about coming to America or being adopted by you;
  • any discussion with a child that is not age-appropriate (although you should be sensitive to any statements that might pertain to past abuse or potential human trafficking);
  • any evaluative statements about any particular religious denomination or taking any political stances