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Surviving the Amazon floods

The first quarter of the year often brings desolation to the people of the Amazon, in the form of massive flooding.

Each year, the Amazon river rises more than 30 feet throughout the rainy season. Many villages will be underwater, and many more cut off from being able to find food. It is our mission to bring relief to these starving people, provide food bags and food items that will help them survive throughout these harsh conditions. Through this work, many communities have begun to realize that God loves, and cares for them, they have turned to Him as their Savior, knowing they are not forgotten.

$50 will provide a food bag for a family, for one month. Would you join us in supporting these families, and help us provide for the men, women, and children we are privileged to serve? Let’s make justice personal, and make this moment count!

Thank you for your support.

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