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Join us in praying for the 9th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference

This weekend our team from the US will be heading down to the Amazon to join over 120 Pastors and their wives for our 9th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference from February 10th – 14th. This is the first of two conferences we will host this year, the second being in July.

We believe that local leaders can bring about change. This is why we invest in training and equipping indigenous pastors and their wives. These courageous men and women faithfully serve in the depths of the jungle, day in and day out, in the most remote and difficult settings.

As the pastors and their wives start their preparations this week, would you join us in praying for these dear men and women? For some, it will take days to cross the jungle using different forms of transportation, for others it’s hours and hours of paddling in small wooden canoes.

Please pray for:

– Provision for the pastors and their wives to get to the conference.
– Safety for so many people traveling from different areas.
– Protection as we stay in the jungle, and for good health.
– The boats, generators, crew, assets and people who will serve this week.
– Unity among the pastors (from several denominations) and the team as we come together from so many different backgrounds.
– God to meet us and show us more of Himself

Thank you for faithfully joining us in prayer!

For more information on sponsoring a pastor please email Celia Grace here or click on the button below.

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