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Caring for Vanea

You may remember a story from Moldova we shared with you a couple of weeks ago, entitled “Carrying Vanea.” It was an account from our recent Christmas in Moldova trip of a boy, Vanea in Costesti Orphanage who is disabled and cannot walk.

One of our Transitional Living guys took it upon himself and carried Vanea to Father Christmas so that he could have the same experience that all of the other kids did. The moment was beautiful for a lot of reasons, but was was especially touching was seeing one of our Transitional Living guys have the eyes to see the need around him, and take the chance to serve this young boy who has a story very similar to his own.


Upon hearing this story, a few responded with a desire to help purchase a wheelchair for Vanea. Thanks to the generosity sponsors, we’ve been able to do just that! Here’s an account from Cezara, one of our staff in Moldova, of the visit they made to deliver Vanea his new wheelchair:

As you all know, Vanea didn’t have a wheelchair and someone had to move him. He couldn’t go to the canteen or to the toilet or to the classroom by himself, there always had to be a  person to carry him. That was really terrible.  God doesn’t leave His kids and He didn’t leave Vanea, He blessed him. Thanks to JMI Vanea now has a has a wheelchair.

JMI Staff looked for a good wheelchair for him and finally we got one and Tuesday we brought it to Costesti. When Vanea saw it he was so happy. It brought us to tears when we watch him trying to drive the chair. Since he has never had a wheelchair, he did not know how to use it.  Then when Alexandru (JMI Staff) explained how to use his arms to move the chair, Vanea understood and smiled. Ion can move from place to place by himself.  What an amazing gift!

Also, Mrs. Maria, the director and Mrs. Luminita, his teacher were extremely happy for Vanea. They all thanked JMI for this. They have wanted a wheelchair for him but didn’t know how to pay for it. Now the dream has come true. Thanks be to God.

There are so many stories like this one of how God is building His Kingdom in Moldova. He is the Father who sees each of his children and cares deeply for our needs. We believe that God is making all things new, and that he has called us into His great story of redemption as we care for the poor, orphaned, and forgotten.

If you’d like to give toward our priority needs fund so that other porjects like this one can happen, you can do so by clicking here, or text JMI to 41444.

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