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An Update From Our Crisis Response Team – Families and Children

We are making a big impact because of your generosity!

Our Moldovan team is accommodating the individual needs of Ukrainian Refugee families and children to bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives.

 The Moldovan team is continuing to protect, serve, and care for Ukrainian refugees. Justice and Mercy Moldova is one of the few organizations responding to very specific requests of refugees and maintaining personal connections with them on a regular basis. After hundreds of refugee families received our initial help, the majority of them have kept in touch with our team so that we are aware of what is happening as the war progresses.

Our Crisis Response Director, Cezara Moscalciuc, was able to visit multiple Refugee Centers and check in on some of the improvements that have been made in the last couple weeks. After visiting the Durlesti Refugee Center, she was happy to report that these refugees have three warm meals a day, readily available healthy snacks, specific hygiene supplies, and new isolated beds with wall separations for more privacy. We are pleased that we are able to make small modifications to this center to impact the people in major ways.

Many of the Ukrainian refugees have asked us for expensive and complex medicine that is difficult to find. Medication is an item that the government will not assist with because many of the names and availability of them are different in Moldova than Ukraine. To deliver these treatments, it requires careful reading of doctor’s records and each diagnosis to gain access from the pharmacy. Because of the attentiveness and dedication of our team, we are pleased that JMM has been able to address this need of these refugees, day and night.

Temperatures in Moldova are high and many refugees are in need of clothes that better accommodate the weather. We are so thankful for our supporters that are providing financially for families and children to receive excellent new clothes and care. This week, a mother of two boys came to us and was ecstatic to learn that not only could her two sons receive sandals, hats, shirts, undergarments, and shorts of their choice, but also that she could shop for anything she wanted as well. She cried tears of joy as she shopped for high quality clothes for herself and her children. She told us, “For twenty minutes, I finally felt like myself again..back in my normal life.” Because of your generosity we were able to create such a positive experience for her and the boys. This is just one example of the amazing work being done in Moldova.

Continue to pray for the refugees who are staying in Moldova, our staff who are serving them daily, and for the donors who are caring for the least of these. Most importantly, continue to pray for peace. We are so thankful for your partnership as we serve God and love others.




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