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JMI’s Transitional Living Class of 2022!

No matter where a child lives in the world, their teenage years are likely one of the most formative seasons of his or her life. It is a time of life that presents new experiences and challenges, which can shape a person’s beliefs and values forever. 
In addition to the normal challenges that come along with being a teenager, young people in Moldova have to contend with the difficult reality of trafficking. Traffickers tend to primarily target the young and vulnerable. These teenagers, many of whom don’t have intact family systems and who are desperate for work and provision, can be highly susceptible to the ploys of traffickers. 
This is why JMI’s Transitional Living program exists. Our programming for teenagers seeks to come alongside Moldova’s most vulnerable with the love of Christ and offer a different path: one of flourishing and opportunity that is centered around the Good News of the Gospel. For 2-3 years, the young men and women that are part of JMI’s Transitional Living program grow in grace, in knowledge, in skills, in maturity and in their walk with Christ. 
Every summer, we get the chance to celebrate all that God has done through these resilient and bright young men and women at our Transitional Living graduation. Our hope is that these are the individuals who are the leading lasting change in every industry across Moldova. When a young man or woman graduates from our program, our prayer is that they walk out the door and do their part in working alongside the Father in the transformation of Moldova.
Join us as we honor and celebrate all the goodness that our God has brought and will continue to do through JMI’s Transitional Living Class of 2022. We are so proud of each of these incredible individuals. May they go and make much of Jesus across Moldova and the world.
Watch the video below for a special thank you from our Transitional Living teenagers.

For more information about how you can make a difference through our Transitional Living program, contact Celia Grace here or click on one of the pictures below to sponsor one of our new Transitional Living Students joining the program.

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