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An Update From Our Crisis Response Team – The Impact We have Made So Far for Ukrainians

We are so thankful for the impact we have been able to make since the beginning of the war. Last month, members of our U.S. team observed firsthand the needs that are being met in Refugee Centers across Moldova. Because of your generosity we have been able to make a big difference in the lives of many Ukrainian families.

When fifty-six new Ukrainian Refugee families arrived at the Costesti Refugee Center one evening, the Mayor of the village knew who to call. Because of our reputation of availability and reliable staff, our team arrived and prepared the Center financially and physically for the high number of arrivals that evening. The administration of the Refugee Center was very thankful for our quick response and ability to address every need.

Later that month, some of our U.S. team arrived to bring supplies and assess the effectiveness of Refugee Centers. At the centers we support, refugees are receiving a variety of meal options and various courses throughout the day. They are also receiving information about potential places of work in Moldova. Our team is helping refugees feel productive, experience hope, and look towards the future.

The U.S. team was also able to observe day camps being held for refugee children. These camps are full and active days, consisting of an encouraging Bible message, crafts, music, sports, competitions, and snacks. The Moldovan team geared the gifts and activities toward the ages of every child, which the kids and parents both enjoyed. The parents were very thankful for the laughter and joy being brought to them during such a stressful period of time.

In Moldova, we have a wonderful shop open for refugees to pick out clothes of their choice. Last week, a young boy was shoe shopping with his mother and sister. His mother told him that he should look for sandals because it is hot outside. However, he was very confident that he only wanted sneakers. The mother asked him why he thought sneakers were better. The boy answered, “Wearing sneakers will let me be faster and run better when we have to, so you won’t have to carry me in your arms”. This young boy is living a very different childhood than most, as he is living in constant fear of having to run at any moment’s notice. We feel honored to continually protect and provide resources for families in need.

Thank you for your support as we strive to bring peace, joy, and smiles back to Ukrainian refugees.

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