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A Greater Hope for Ana

On May 25, just weeks ago, Ana celebrated her birthday for the first time in her life. She was turning 17.

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At this age, she has faced more hard times than many of us will face in a lifetime.

Ana is one of six children, whose mother is an alcoholic and as a result cannot not adequately care for her kids. Ana also experienced physical and emotional abuse in her home.

After graduation, Ana moved from her village to Balti in hopes of finding work to provide for herself. She needed some basic things for her profession and asked her mother for some funds to help her get on her feet, but her mother showed no interest and offered no help. When Ana first moved to Balti, she lived in a hostel. Ana had very little in the way of clothes and belongings. Because of her simple dress, she faced constant bullying from others in the city and at the hostel where she lived. Ana continued to become more and more discouraged. With no one to lean on, almost nothing to her name, and total uncertainty about her future, she sank into depression.

When JMI staff in Moldova first met Ana she was recovering from a suicide attempt. She told us she felt useless, rejected, and like a burden to everyone she knew. Still, with a great hope she filled out the questionnaire to enter the JMI Transitional Living program. IMG_7558 (2)

Ana currently lives at our mini-Grace House in Balti in North Moldova. She is without a sponsor and her program costs are currently being covered by reserve funds.  For the first time in her life, Ana is living in a loving, Gospel-centered community. For the first time in her life, her birthday was celebrated. For the first time, a caring adult is consistently present in her life. In her short time in the program, our staff has seen walls begin to come down and a heart open to the new life he offers.

Ana needs a sponsor (or sponsors) that will step in and help bridge the gap. Would you be the one to play this role in her story? Would you give generously so that she can remain at Grace House and continue to receive the care and support that she has lived so long without?

To find out more about our Transtional Living program and all that it provides, check out this short video.

If you’ll be the one to step up for Ana, email Rachel Trammell here and simply mention that you’d like to be her sponsor, or click the button below to go directly to her profile.

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