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The Discovery Gets a Makeover

If you’re familiar at all with the ministry in the Amazon, you’ve seen or lived on the iconic JMI hammock boat, the Discovery. She’s become widely loved by our teams and has faithfully carried hundreds of trip participants down the mighty Amazon. We truly could not reach the villages and people we serve without the Discovery. In a very real way, she has been crucial to our work of carrying the Gospel to the jungle.

Toward the end of our trip season last year, the need for some major improvements and upgrades on the boat became apparent. So, because of the generosity of donors, we’re so excited to unveil some exciting improvements to our beloved Discovery!9a4036549df3e2eae98c1a65_314x560

The new improvements include:

  • a new, more reliable motor
  • motor is now closed in and vented for a quieter environment
  • a third bathroom + shower installed
  • vented bathrooms with fans
  • solar panels to power the boat’s electricity, supplying 18 hours of clean energy
  • all new paint throughout the boat
  • wood replacement where needed
  • new benches added on the top deck open air area
  • totally renovated kitchen and a pocket door installed to give our fabulous cooks more room to work
  • new mosaic tiled mirrors over the sinks that were made by our very own Redi!

Thank you to all who gave so that these changes could happen! We are excited about the many lives that will be reached in the coming months and years.

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