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The Most Vulgar Word To God…(News about the next JMI mission to INDIA)

Knowing Jesus like you do (or think you do), what do you suppose would be the most vile, most unacceptable, most profane single word that reaches the ear of the One who hears (and sees) a perpetual stream of profanity and ungodliness coming from our generation?

I won’t even ask where your mind runs to in response to this question.  The very thought of God hearing our vulgar, callous, thoughtless words morning, noon and night is embarrassing, but being subjected to some of the things we think, as well, is shameful.  It reminds me of Brian McLaren’s words from his book, A New Kind of Christianity:  “If Jesus could see what people have done in his name, he would never stop throwing up.”

By now, you may have your candidate for that most contemptible word in mind.  I have mine, and maybe it will surprise you.  That word is untouchable.


That word isn’t used much here in the U.S., but in the country of India, the caste system, despite legal rulings to the contrary, is still alive and well.  Children born into families labeled untouchable will all too quickly be ma

What does that designation mean to them?  It means a life of being berated and abused; being beaten and sometimes killed.  They are simply viewed as taking up space…in the way…good for to believe that they, themselves, are less than…beneath…inconsequential…subordinate…untouchable!

Furthermore, India, according to the United Nations, is the most dangerous place on earth to be a girl.  Due to the expectation of unaffordable dowries to be paid by the families of brides, 7,000 females are aborted or killed every day in India.  That’s one every 12 seconds.  In the time it takes for us to worship together, 400 girls will perish!


On September 28-October 7, we will carry another message to the children who live in the Bihar Province near Delhi.  Bihar is the poorest, most backward, and least literate of all Indian states. Of the 45,138 villages, only 7,000 have any Christian presence. We will tell them of a God whose Son welcomed every child into His presence…whose love was unconditional…who, Himself, was incarnated as one of the poor and who suffered…a Savior who, like them, was deemed “smitten of God and afflicted,” but who conquered death and hate and now sits at the right hand of God in power interceding for them!

If you would like to be a part of this redemptive, pioneering ministry, mark Sunday, March 3rd on your calendars and meet me at Panera (south of the WareHouse) at 12:30 for lunch and additional information on this amazing trip.  Our mission will include VBS-type programming with the children, but we will also have the sacred experience of interviewing the kids for sponsorships and thereby making a contribution to their lives that they can scarcely imagine!

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  • I am very proud to sponsor a child in Moldova! I can’t be there, but I still can help and I know God will provide me with the help I may need to do this. In fact, He already has.

  • Reading this, my heart is aching for these beloved “untouchables.” I live in phoenix, so I’d clearly be missing the meeting in March. I’m praying God’s power and love to be released in India more and more. God bless you guys!

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