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Red Hill Heroes

Jesus had a lot to say about the value of people. Jesus invested in small groups, committed the message of reconciliation to His disciples and built the church using a group of fallible men and women.  As a matter of fact, in His dealings with the Pharisees, Jesus reiterated the greatest commandments are to love God and love people.

At Rolling Hills, we are blessed to work with some great people around the world. Two of those people, I would like to introduce you to are Lumka Malima and Kennedy Dick.  Lumka and Kennedy are both Life Skills Educators in the township of Red Hill in Cape Town South Africa.  Lumka and Kennedy both live and work in Red Hill and are two of our heroes.  For the past seven years, Rolling Hills and JMI has enjoyed a partnership with Living Hope Ministries and had the privilege of working directly with these life skills educators.  Our own missionaries Nathan & Claudia McDivitt work with this team daily.


Lumka Malima has been working with Living Hope for two years and is the mother of two boys, 8 and 18 years old.  They enjoy going to the beach and shopping.  Lumka’s hopes for the kids and teens of Red Hill are that they will grow up to be great men and women of God, who will also raise their own children according to God’s principles.  Lumka has been able to build a great relationship with her community and enjoys teaching the children about Christ and building the knowledge of God into their daily lives.


Kennedy Dick enjoys working in Red Hill because it gives him an opportunity to shepherd the hearts of kids and teens while also building meaningful relationships with parents.  His desire is to help the kids understand that God can change their life and help lead them as they become leaders in the community, their schools and ultimately wherever God takes them.  Kennedy has been working with Living Hope for sixteen months and he and his wife Rene’ have three children, Joanne, Jeremiah and Elridge.  The family enjoys outdoor activities like camping and swimming.

You can be praying not only for their continued work in Red Hill, but specifically that Lumka would be able to get her own home for her family.  You can also pray for Kennedy to finish the year strong and that God would protect his family and marriage and their home would be an example to the community of Christ’s love.

Know that our work around the world is being carried out by great men and women like Kennedy and Lumka.  Your support not only aids their continued work, but also provides daily meals to kids in Red Hill, early childhood education development and intervention, parenting classes and after school kids and teens clubs. To learn more about South Africa, Living Hope or ways you can be involved with the ministry of Lumka, Kennedy and the work in Red Hill, please contact:

Jason Hale:

To drop a note or learn more from Lumka or Kennedy directly, contact them at:

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