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The Amazon’s Waters are Rising!

Amazon Flooding Worsens 
Every year, for 6 months out of the year, the Amazon River floods, displacing thousands of people and creating unsafe living conditions for so many. Some families flee their homes in search of dry land, while others live in standing water, without access to resources like food and clean drinking water.
Already, 11 municipalities in the Amazon are already in a state of emergency. Animals are threatening people in flooded areas in Manaus and in the jungle. Snakes, rats, and alligators are all posing a problem. Families worry about their kids drowning. Some even say the water is rising significantly overnight. By May, most villages on the Solimões River are expected to be struggling with the lack of dry soil for plantations, thus cut off from their main source of food.

You Can Help 
Justice & Mercy Amazon is seeking to care for the River people during this emergency by providing food bags to families. One food bag costs $50 and will feed a family for a month. These food bags help alleivate the stress of caring for a family in such difficult conditions. Would you consider giving to this urgent need? Click here to give a one-time or ongoing gift:

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