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Mosquito nets are saving lives!

A few dollars can save a life.

Several villages in the Amazon have been stricken with Malaria.  Some of the villagers have had malaria more than 10 times in a lifetime.  Malaria is endemic throughout the Brazilian Amazon region. More than 99% of the cases reported in the last 10 years occurred in this area, where the annual average number of positive exams was 530,000.

The great proximity between man and the edge of the forest maximizes the exposure to mosquito bites.The areas on the river closer to Manaus receive preventive measures, however, the remote areas in the region are highly troubled by the Malaria. In those villages, the use of mosquito nets are the primary help they can have to prevent the Malaria.  

Today, we are so grateful for the opportunity we had in February to send mosquito nets donated by partners in the United Kingdom to Malaria positive areas in the Amazon. These mosquito nets were taken to families who are exposed to the most afflicted areas.

Big thanks from these families to our partners around the world! You are making a BIG difference.

If you are interested in helping these families by the donation of mosquito nets to positive areas of Malaria in the Amazon please send an email to Mary Katharine Hunt at [email protected].  

Choose to help!

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