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LAST CALL to show It Matters to YOU!

This coming Sunday – June 22nd – is the last day to make a financial gift toward our summer camps for orphans and vulnerable children in Moldova…and we need your help!

If you’re like me, it’s difficult to remember everything you need to take with you to church on Sunday morning.  Just getting the kids dressed, fed and loaded is an accomplishment.  Then, if you can remember to grab your Bible on the way out the door it feels like you are ahead of the game!

Rolling Hills’ partners have consistently donated between $2,000 and $5,000 toward It Matters to This One! since we started the promotion years ago.  This money has allowed us to purchase camp supplies and basically provided the funding for kids to enjoy an exceptional spiritual camping experience.  In essence, this is the “magnet” that draws children within hearing distance of the gospel!

This year’s funding had an even greater purpose though.  In addition to our own camps, this year’s funding was earmarked to allow the kids in our own Transitional Living Program to do camps of their own after our teams returned home!  We have been grooming these students to understand their own calling to “preach good news to the poor,” and now they’re ready.

But the fact is that we are way behind in the money we’ve collected thus far and we only have one Sunday left to do what needs to be done!


This year’s promotion is a simple request:  a gift of $25 or $50.  For us, it’s a lunch.  For a child in Risipeni or Carpineni villages, it opens the door to the love of a Savior and new life!

If you’d like to make that kind of over and above investment, just as a reminder, you might consider putting your checkbook in your Bible, your infant seat carrier or your car itself…whatever you won’t forget on a wild and crazy Sunday morning!  There will be a tray at the JMI booth where you can leave your checks. Or, if you’re at your computer, just go to and make your gift right now.  

It Matters to This One!  Does it matter to you?  This is a great Rolling Hills’ tradition of caring. Let’s keep it going!

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