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Join us in the Amazon!

We could really use two or three volunteers to fill our upcoming Nov. 15-22 Amazon mission trip. 

If you have the time flexibility, desire and financial means to jump into this epic trip, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.  Due to the need to apply in advance for a Brazil visa and the short time constraint before we depart, we need to get you up and going quickly…and we can!

This will be a predominantly construction trip, but we will also be interviewing and photographing children to include in our sponsorship program as well as doing some medical training and treatment.  Skill sets are much less important than your desire to serve!

In addition, when the work is finished every day, we will spice the trip up with evening fishing excursions, Cayman crocodile spotting, swimming with pink dolphins and much more!

The cost of the trip is $2500 (from Nashville…other points of departure may increase that cost to varying degrees).  Please inquire only if you are actively interested in joining our group of volunteers!

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