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January Update from Our Moldova Crisis Response

Funds from Giving Tuesday played a major role in helping our team meet the needs of families in Moldova last month.


In December, our Justice and Mercy Moldova team kept busy meeting the critical needs of Ukrainian refugees and poor Moldovans. The ongoing crisis and dropping temperatures continue to make life difficult for these vulnerable families. Our team reports that many people feel despair and are worried about surviving the winter. However, we are providing them with tangible help and the hope of Christ.

This is made possible because of donors like you. Back in November on Giving Tuesday, we asked for support to keep these families warm, and you helped us exceed our goal. As a result, in December, Justice and Mercy Moldova was able to buy and deliver coal to 80 needy families from 31 different villages.

“We were so sad to see the terrible conditions the families live in, and at the same time, so blessed to be part of this amazing work of God,” said Cezara Moscalciuc, Crisis Response Director. “We have heard so many warm words and thanks for the enormous help and prayers from all the donors who shared a part of their souls.”

One elderly lady from Risipeni village was so excited to get the coal that she didn’t even let the driver get out before she started unloading it. She said she was so extremely happy and empowered by the thought of her grandchildren being warm that she was ready to carry it all herself!

It’s a blessing to be able to meet the needs of families like hers, to show them they’re not forgotten, and that God loves them.


In Chisinau last month, a family with three children came to us in need of food and hygiene supplies. We were able to help them quickly with everything they asked for and more. We also gave the children Christmas boxes with candy. It was a sweet moment when the little girls hugged our staff member, and the mother teared up with gratitude.

They were one of 33 families (97 refugees) that we were able to provide with food and hygiene bags. All the bags included a Bible passage about Christ’s birth and sweets for the children. We got to see not only their delighted faces, but also their parents’, as they watched their little ones open these small, yet meaningful gifts.

We also provided clothing for 34 refugee families in December. The needs of these families were great, as they had many children and elderly relatives with them, but no warm clothes or shoes.


Medicine continues to be an ongoing need for refugees struggling with things like diabetes, kidney dialysis and high blood pressure. Last month, we met this man (pictured), who cannot afford to buy his medication because he is using the little money he has to feed and clothe his three children. He approached several different organizations and governmental offices to try to get help, but Justice and Mercy Moldova was the only one that answered his call and quickly brought the medication to him. We were thankful to be able to help him as well as six other families with urgent medication.

Prayers for the future

Please continue to pray for the Ukrainian refugees and poor Moldovan families that we are serving:

  • Pray for protection from the cold weather and that God will direct us to the families in desperate need.
  • Keep praying for the refugees who are looking for jobs in Moldova.
  • Pray for the refugee children who are studying online or going to school in Moldova.
  • Pray for our staff to have continued wisdom and strength.
  • Pray for the donors who are helping to care for the refugees.
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