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GloriLight Partnership

GloriLight Partnership

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our new partnership with GloriLight! GloriLight is a company based in Franklin, TN, that is introducing a new children’s nightlight that projects the Word of God in HD quality.

The idea started when Matt Stamper, the co-founder of GloriLight, was tucking in his kids one night, and his son began to feel anxious about going to sleep. To remedy this, Matt started to recite Psalm 4:8 to his son. In the middle, his son jumped up and ran to write the verse down and tape it to his lamp, so that if he were to wake up in the middle of the night, he would see the Bible verse and be at peace. This is how it all began! The idea to project the truth of God’s Word over children at bedtime took off. 

Stamper says that he wants to do more than just put verses on the ceiling. He says, “Our goal is for the glory of God to shine through His Word, knowing that is what will bring complete well-being to all His children.”

In their partnership with JMI, GloriLight will be generously donating 10% of their proceeds to help make justice personal for the poor, orphaned, and forgotten people of Moldova and the Amazon. This way, GloriLight will be able to not only illuminate the Word of God for children but also make Gospel-centered change for those around the world. Both organizations are coming together to help children learn God’s Word and know Him deeply.

Learn More about GloriLight Here!

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