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A Complete Guide to Child Sponsorship

Taking the step to stand in the gap for a vulnerable child as a sponsor is one of the most meaningful ways to make a real, tangible difference in the life of an impoverished person a world away. The one-to-one child sponsorship model is an incredible way to connect on an individual level with a marginalized young person in need. More than simply providing gifts or goods, child sponsorship is an avenue to meaningful connection, needs provision, and impactful care.

Justice & Mercy International’s sponsorship programs can be found in some of the most remote and vulnerable communities in the world.

In the Eastern European country of Moldova, and along the Amazon River in Brazil, JMI finds the most vulnerable children, who have the biggest need for the generous support of a sponsor. Through a robust needs assessment, our in-country field staff identifies these acutely vulnerable children who are then made available for sponsorship. From there, sponsors partner with JMI to address the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of the child. JMI’s approach is whole-person care that recognizes the innate dignity and value in each and every person. We believe that every human is created in the image of God, and it is this truth that propels our holistic care for the vulnerable.

Monthly gatherings in each village where we have programming are a trademark of JMI sponsorship. This is where sponsored children and their families gather. Here, they participate in programming led by our field staff and receive gifts or provisions. The gatherings typically entail fun and games, a Bible study, songs, and time to receive and write letters to sponsors. Also at these meetings, gifts, and provisions are distributed. Through JMI sponsorship, children receive seasonal clothes and shoes, school supplies, hygiene items, snacks, and more. JMI sponsorship doesn’t just benefit individual children, but also entire communities. Where it’s possible, we seek to partner with the local church and pastor to host monthly gatherings and to easily connect the unchurched with a local body of believers. The Gospel is central to all that JMI does, and in each place where we work with sponsored children, our hope is that our presence brings joy, provision, and peace.

One of the most meaningful aspects of child sponsorship is what it offers the sponsor.

Many sponsors who generously choose to support a child in need are surprised by what a personally rich and rewarding experience it can be. Connecting with a child who lives in a completely different culture will inevitably deepen the sponsor’s care and grow their compassion. Building a personal relationship with someone who has vastly different needs and circumstances creates understanding and serves as a reminder of the innate value in every human. To this end, JMI sponsors are encouraged to write to their children monthly via their online JMI sponsor profile. Examples of topics to write about are family, hobbies, traditions, and special life events. Sponsors can even include a photo with each letter if they so choose. These letters will be translated by our in-country staff and delivered to children. In addition to writing letters, JMI sponsors can expect to receive letters from their child as well as monthly updates from the specific village where their child lives. These updates come directly from JMI field staff.

Children are often the most vulnerable individuals in society, which is why they will always be central to the work that JMI does. In many parts of the world, like Moldova, a child’s vulnerability continues through adolescence into young adulthood. Moldova is a hub for human trafficking in Eastern Europe. It is a poor country with a struggling economy and it can be difficult to find work. Thus, many youth are targeted by traffickers. This is where JMI steps in with another part of our sponsorship programming. These orphaned and vulnerable youth, who are the most susceptible to being trafficked, are offered a safe place to live as they grow into young adults. This residential program is called Transitional Living, and it has been transformative for hundreds of vulnerable youth in Moldova. Transitional Living offers a home to live in with other program participants, the discipleship and love and care of a live-in house parent, life and job skills training, educational financing, fun activities, church involvement, volunteer opportunities, and the chance to live amongst peers in a Gospel-centered community. Youth who live in one of our Transitional Living homes typically stay for 2-3 years as they go to school and learn to be independent, thriving adults. This stage of our sponsorship program continues to change the lives of Moldovan teenagers who are seeking a better, more hopeful path.

Sponsoring a child through JMI is designed to be a deeply personal experience, both for the child and the sponsor. It is also meant to be a long-term relationship, supporting the child until they age out of the program or until they no longer need the support. The vision of JMI is to go deep into the places where we work – meeting the needs of people at every level, rather than doing surface-level work in many places. Child sponsorship is a key component of this “long obedience in the same direction,” to quote Nietzsche. This model of long-term, sustainable care for the marginalized is part of JMI’s Kingdom vision to transform communities and nations for the sake of the Gospel.

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