An Update From Our Crisis Response Team - HELPING 300 REFUGEES WITH FOOD, MEDICINE AND CLOTHES - Justice & Mercy International


Last month, we had over 300 refugees approach JMM asking for food, medicine, and clothes. Because of your generosity, we have been able to deliver.

Many refugee centers are closed and Ukrainian families are now staying in rental flats or small rooms that they can afford. Due to these changes, refugees continue to reach out to us for help, because our food bags contain meat, vegetables, dairy, and other fresh foods that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Last month in Glodeni, the social assistance department called and we provided food for almost every family that lived there. We brought enough for 70 refugees and they were all extremely thankful.

We continue to provide specific and intentional medicine for the Ukrainian refugees. At the Costesti Center for Ukrainian refugees, we were given a list of medicine for 112 refugees that they sheltered. We were able to bring every medicine they needed for all ages, from babies to the elderly. We also brought medical devices for those struggling with blood pressure, heart problems, and more. The mayor of Costesti thanked us for specifically filling each of their needs.

We provided medicine for five families with eight sick refugees last month. Many of the families we visit are saying that we are the first to come into their homes and help them. The team on the ground has been reaching out to all sick patients, from minor illnesses to severe diseases. In one case, there was a single mother with a child that had asthma. She sounded desperate on the phone as she explained that her child’s asthma medication would run out in two days. The place where she was getting the medication was not able to help them anymore. We were happy to step in and organize everything she needed to deliver the medication the next morning. The mother, in tears, hugged and thanked us. She said that we were, “God’s angels here on Earth”, and we felt incredibly encouraged by her kind words.

There was an older Ukrainian man that called us asking for urgent help. He was in the hospital preparing for surgery and required expensive medicine. The hospital could not provide it to him for free, and the man was out of money. We were able to bring everything he needed and delivered it to the hospital. He was very appreciative of our service to him.

As we seek to make justice personal, we acknowledge that every family is different and we continue to accommodate needs as they are presented to us. In total, we helped over 300 refugees from many different regions last month. In addition to food and hygiene bags given to every family, we also give out diapers, baby food, and other additional supplies according to each family’s needs.

Last month, we purchased clothes and shoes for more than 27 families, which totaled to about 88 refugees. Children grow quickly, so all of the clothes that the refugees brought with them from home are too small now. Many mothers asked if we would help provide clothes for their kids. We went beyond helping the children, and helped the mothers and grandparents with new clothes, too.

One day, a mother was in our shop choosing jeans and shirts for her young daughter. Her daughter kept repeating, “princess” to her mother. The little girl wanted clothes that a princess would wear. One of our staff heard this and found a princess dress and crown for her. The little girl was jumping up and down in excitement.

Thank you for walking alongside us as we care for the poor, orphaned, and forgotten in Moldova. We couldn’t do any of this without your support.


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