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An Update from Moldova

Because of you, our team on the ground is able to continue caring for the most vulnerable. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these precious children and families!  

It has been three months since Russia invaded Ukraine and the Moldovan people have continued to show their support for families flooding into the country. Last week, Cezara Moscalciuc, the Crisis Response Director for JMI in Moldova, met with refugees who are being hosted by Moldovan families. As she visited them, all of them expressed their gratitude for the families that have taken them in. As Moldova continues to host, feed, and care for Ukrainian Refugees, the need only continues to grow. 

Moldova is not a wealthy country, many of those helping the Ukrainian Refugees are living in impoverished conditions and dependent on aid either from the government or other sources to continue to host refugees. JMI has had the honor of stepping alongside the Moldovan people and assisting with the aid needed to care for those crossing the Ukrainian border. 
Moldova and Ukraine are separated by a border, but the personal ties between the two countries are strong. During our visits this past week, JMI visited an older woman caring for a refugee family. As we were visiting, it was revealed that the woman used to be a teacher and in fact, taught the couple in the family in Odessa! They had kept up contact over the past few years, and when the war broke out, the couple had nowhere to turn. Their former teacher opened up her home and invited them to stay with her for as long as they needed.

JMI continues to provide food and hygienic supplies for refugees and families in Moldova. As the number of refugees we serve continues to grow, we continue to seek out ways to cater to the specific and individual needs of the population that we serve. 

Continue to pray for peace in Ukraine and that the fighting would stop. Pray for Moldovans and Ukrainians, that their needs would be met and that the Lord would continue to provide. Pray for our staff as they are tired. We are so thankful for all that the Lord has done through JMI in Moldova and we are thankful for all the support we have received. 

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