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Moldova Crisis Update

The war continues in Ukraine. As the shock of the conflict wears off, the realities of war are still incredibly sharp for the refugees flooding into Moldova from Ukraine. Our team is staying busy as they continue to provide aid to refugees around the country. Through needed supplies, resources, and care, our JMI team is working nonstop to continue the necessary work in Moldova. 

Refugees are continuing to cross the border into Moldova. Recently, our staff met two different women caring for refugees, both of them elderly and acting as caregivers. One of the women called our team 3 times for help. She is sheltering a friend of hers from Ukraine. They have been friends for 50 years and the refugee woman is disabled, with no friends or family around her to help. She came to Moldova with the help of neighbors. We were able to provide them with the supplies and support they needed to be secure.

The other woman came from Ukraine with her little nephew and dog. Stressed and sad, she talked about her experience as a refugee. The boy was quiet, thinking about his parents still in Ukraine. JMI was also able to get them the resources they needed as well as share the Gospel with them. 

As the crisis continues, so does the work of our staff. We have established multiple partnerships with organizations that are now working with our staff and ministry to expand the reach of the aid we can give refugees and their families. Not only has JMI closely linked arms with local churches and refugee camps in Moldova, but through organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and World Vision, we can provide critical services and care for those fleeing Ukraine. 

In the village of Glodeni, over 250 families are living there, hosted by Moldovans. The city reached out to JMI because they were in desperate need and no one else was able to help them. We were able to provide these families with food, soap, etc… We hope to return to this city with more food bags and hygiene kits.

JMI seeks to care for the vulnerable, at any age. We are seeing generations of people being helped and supported through the work of JMI. We would not be able to do this without you. As you go about your week, will you pray for Moldova? Pray for the Ukrainian refugees coming in and staying in Moldova, pray for our partners and their work, and pray for peace in Ukraine.

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