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A Place At The Table


 Fresh recipes for meaningful gatherings


We are so excited to tell you about a brand new project from our dear friends and JMI advocates, Kelly Minter & Regina Pinto.

“A cookbook focused on building community around fresh food, a welcoming atmosphere, and an open seat at the table.”

Kelly’s lifelong love for cooking and gardening paired with her many travels to the Amazon with chef Regina Pinto and JMI, has resulted in rich spiritual and culinary experiences that will inspire your cooking and gatherings.

More than an ordinary cookbook, A Place at the Table offers you a chance to not only approach mealtimes with accessible recipes from a renowned chef, but also hear heartwarming, personal stories from Kelly and enjoy some spiritual encouragement too.

This cookbook offers a delicious selection of both well-known and novel dishes, including personal favorites from Kelly and Regina utilizing fresh, whole or homegrown seasonal ingredients. As a bonus, there is supplemental material throughout, where the reader can hear more from Kelly and Regina about broths, seasonal drinks, canning, décor, growing herbs, and more.

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