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A Brighter Future for the Children of the Amazon

Families throughout the Amazon jungle face many hardships but one of the biggest obstacles is access to education. Our first school in the Amazon was opened in the village of Terra Preta back in 2004 and many children in this community have been given a hope and future through the education they have received over the years. We are excited to launch a brand new project in our schools across the Amazon, as we open school libraries. 
Thanks to the sacrifice and hard work of so many partners in Brazil we were able to open our first library in Terra Preta last month. As the community came together to help build, paint and organize the library, the kids were filled with joy and excitement as they watched their new library unfold. Terra Preta was once a village that felt abandoned and forgotten like so many communities along the banks of the river Amazon. When they look at their school and library, they see more than just books, they are reminded of God’s great love, and for the plans and purposes He has for their families and for the generations to come!
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We have many Amazon kids in need of sponsorship!

Our Amazon child sponsorships work through local churches and provide tutoring and spiritual development, as well as physical needs such as shoes, clothes, hygiene items, and school supplies. Not only does a monthly sponsorship provide for their basic needs, but it brings love and hope to every child. As our sponsors and kids write to each other, they build relationship, reminding these precious ones that they are dearly loved.

Meet VitoriaThiago and Abel, just some of our children awaiting sponsorship.

Will you join us today in sponsoring one of our Amazon children?
For more information please contact Rachel Trammell here. Thank you for partnering with us and making justice personal for the children of the Amazon.

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