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130 Strong at the 7th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference!

The 7th Annual Jungle Pastors’ Conference was our largest yet! With 130 Jungle Pastors and wives joining our team at the John Pac Centre on the Amazon, we had a packed house for 5 days. God was certainly in our midst and we are still reeling from that amazing week together on the River. The men and women in attendance represented areas all along the Amazon, and 5 attendees even arrived via seaplane. These pastors and wives are now back in the field, carrying the life-giving news of Jesus to some of the most remote places on Earth.

We express our most sincere gratitude to each person that helps make this conference possible. To everyone who sponsored a pastor, prayed faithfully, and gave generously: we could not do it without you. Our second conference of the year is happening May 21-25, and we’d covet your prayers for this event. God is at work in the Amazon, and it is our great joy to be a part of His Kingdom there.

This map shows the various communities all across the Amazonas region that were represented at our 7th Annual Jungle Pastors Conference.

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