World Water Day is here! - Justice & Mercy International

World Water Day is here!

World Water Day is TODAY!


When we think water, we think the Amazon. Between the vastness of the River and the immense amount of rain that the region gets, you might think water would be in abundance. But access to clean, safe drinking water is limited for many of the communities Justice & Mercy Amazon serves.

Additionally, due to heavy rain, the Amazon region floods 6 months out of every year, displacing thousands from their homes and away from the valuable resources they need to survive.

2 Ways to Help Now! 

flood house
The first quarter of the year often brings desolation to the Jungle people in the form of massive flooding. Many villages will be underwater and many more cut off from being able to find food. JMA is one of just a few organizations that bring relief to these starving people, providing food bags and food items. $50 provides one food bag for a family that will feed them for a month. Give here (one time or monthly)!

Or, you can give generally to the work of JMA, as we seek to help communities affected by yearly flooding through various projects like installing clean water filters, flooding damage repair, school building, and emergency relief. Through the work of JMA many communities have begun to realize that God loves and cares for them and many have turned to Him as their Savior.

You can also help by sharing the work of JMA with others via our social media channels. Make sure you’re following all of the latest news on our work in the Amazon: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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