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Stories of Hope

Many people in the Amazon and Moldova feel forgotten

Many of them are in desperate need, living in the most tragic and difficult circumstances. But they are not forgotten. God sees them and He loves them! We are humbled to see God using JMI and our team during this time. We are thankful for our staff on the ground who are able to be the hands and feet of Jesus, bringing the love of Christ in all they do. There are many stories to tell and today we would like to share two short stories of hope with you.


In the Amazon…

Pastor Luis is one of our regular attendees at our annual conference. We’ve had the privilege of working with him for the last 3 years. In the community where he lives there are many families and children who are very poor, with many needs. Pastor Luis has a big heart to reach the children and families in his community and does all he can to support and love them. Our team on the ground knew that Pastor Luis and his people would be struggling during this time and made a special trip into the jungle to deliver food bags for him to distribute throughout the community. After our team got back from the trip we received this message from Pastor Luis:
“My dear friend in Christ, I confess that I was sad, without strength to do anything, but today when me and my wife arrived with the food bags in the different houses, the smiles of each child, each father, each mother, was priceless. Thank you again to the people of JMA that once more have resurrected me. Congratulations to JMA and its team.”

In Moldova…

One of our translators in Moldova recently received a call from a mother whose two children are on our vulnerable child program. She is a single mom and has lived in the midst of many hardships. She has asthma and heart problems that severely affect her, she suffers from depression and regularly calls the ambulance services for help. As she spoke to the JMI translator she begged for help. She had no income coming in and no way of providing food for her family. She was desperate! 

This happened at the beginning of the Moldovan lockdown when everyone was called to stay at home. Our team knew they had to act fast, and decided to make the brave decision to prepare a food bag and make the trip to the village. It was a risk, but they knew this was the only way the mother and two children would be able to survive. As they handed over the food bag to the mom, she cried and cried, and thanked them from the bottom of her heart. 

We each have the opportunity to be a part of this story God is unfolding and together we can make a difference in the lives of so many. THANK YOU for being on this journey with us. THANK YOU for making justice personal.

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