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Sponsor Spotlight: The Whipple Family

Of the constant digital clutter we face day in and day out, Brittany Whipple says a letter from her sponsored child, Livia, cuts through the chaos. “Being able to know her in this way is such an honor and a deeply meaningful use of technology,” she says. Livia often writes of her commitment to learning, which has encouraged Brittany and her three homeschooled kids, to value the gift of education. Read more about the impact sponsorship has had on the Whipple family in the Q&A below.

Q: How long have you been a sponsor? 
A: Our family has had the honor of being a JMI sponsor to a precious girl named Livia in Moldova for a year.

Q: Why did you choose to sponsor with JMI?
As a member of Rolling Hills Church, we had heard about the opportunity to sponsor a child or adult in need through JMI for several years.  I would always admire JMI for their work, and then a year ago, my heart was pierced with a need to more than just respect this organization and the work being done.  My three children and I walked up to a table after the church service, and I picked up a document that showed a darling photo of Livia and described her interests and some background about her family.  Instantly, all of my children and I knew that God wanted this child to be our child through sponsorship.

Q: With child and teen sponsorships, you write letters back and forth with your child each month. Is there a particular letter you remember receiving that stuck with you?
Within each online letter we receive from Livia, we get to learn more about her personality and her daily life.  In our society where meaningless social media distracts us, being able to receive a letter written by this precious child across the world and being able to know her in this way is such an honor and a deeply meaningful use of technology.

Q: What impact have you seen in the life of your child and her family through your sponsorship?
Despite her challenging circumstances, she is grateful, working hard as a student, and taking pride in being a helpful and obedient daughter and sister to her siblings. She sees the importance of honoring learning and missed school during her summer vacation.  As a homeschooling parent to my three children, Livia reminds our family to appreciate God’s gift allowing us to learn and grow each day to reach our potential and do His good works throughout the world.

I no longer feel too small to make a real change for a family in need across the world.

Q: Is there something God has taught you through your sponsorship?
A: While living our blessed life here in the United States, learning about what is happening to children and adults in need in faraway parts of the world can feel distant, maybe even overwhelming to change as one person or one family. I no longer feel too small to make a real change for a family in need across the world. If JMI can help us accomplish this, then I am energized to do that much more in my daily life for my family and community.  I want to share about the work of JMI with others, so more lives can be changed.

Q: What do you think is the greatest benefit that your sponsored child receives through this program?
A: Sponsorship through JMI has given my children and our family the ability to directly help a child and her family in need every single month each year by helping meet some of their basic needs while also building friendship and support through prayer.

Q: If there is someone considering a commitment to sponsoring a child for the first time, is there any encouragement you’d like to give them?
A: Take the time to read about some of the children or adults available to sponsor.  Upon simply opening our hearts in this way, we felt the Holy Spirit guide us to take action rather than moving along with our daily life.  As a parent to three children, sponsorship has helped my own children to see, feel, and pray for the needs of others rather than focusing on ourselves.  My children have taken action by donating some of their own money to help support Livia and her family rather than choosing to use it for their own desires.  I encourage you to take the next step by sponsoring because that sponsored child or adult will not be the only one helped or blessed as I have seen firsthand.


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