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Sponsor Spotlight: Ashley Fox

Ashley Fox and her family have had the opportunity to sponsor several children in Moldova through JMI since 2013. They have also traveled with us to meet their sponsored children many times and volunteer at summer camp. Below, she shares her sponsorship experience.

Q: Why did you become a sponsor?
A: Following my first trip to Moldova, I was able to witness the positive impact JMI was making by serving these vulnerable children. My sponsorship donations to JMI directly aid the children by providing basic necessities but more importantly the love of Jesus. I have met each child I sponsor and fostered many close relationships with those living in Moldova.

Q: With child and teen sponsorships, you write letters back and forth each month. Is there a particular letter that has stuck with you?
I am always humbled by how thankful the children are for the gifts they receive, and they always express their gratitude in each letter. The smallest thing means so much to them. Although I am not his sponsor, I have been corresponding with a boy I met at camp for years. He writes each month and tells me about his family, school, and his latest sports team. I am grateful that through JMI, I can stay in touch with him.

Q: What impact have you seen in the lives of your sponsored children and their families?
My family and I have had the opportunity to see two of our sponsored children grow into independent adults. One is now happily married and has a child of her own. My daughter also sponsored a child she met at camp and that child has recently requested that we give the money to others in greater need.  These children have so little comparatively, but their desire to give to others is inspiring.

Although I have not been able to go to Moldova for the past few years, it was encouraging to experience JMI’s work persisting through the pandemic, a war, and enormous inflation. JMI has been a consistent presence in the lives of these children. Through it all, I have seen God’s faithfulness and provision.

Q: What has God taught you through sponsorship?
 Through sponsorship and serving with JMI, God has taught me selflessness, gratitude, and resilience. After living through the pandemic and being prevented from visiting Moldova during that time, I realized how grateful I was for each trip I had taken and the individuals I met along the way. Each visit was impactful for not only those living in Moldova but also for me. I am inspired by their constant resilience and gratefulness.

Q: What do you think is the greatest benefit that your sponsored children receive through this program?
They know they are cared for and loved by Him and us.

Q: What has the experience been like to see them in person over the years?
 I have met my sponsored children many times but have been unable to travel to Moldova for over five years. This past October, I was finally able to travel to Moldova and visit the village of Risipeni for one of JMI’s monthly meetings. I was lucky to reconnect with the boy I write to monthly. When I last saw him, he was nine years old and is now a teenager! I was worried he wouldn’t remember me, but he remains the same gentle, kind boy.

I also had the chance to meet a new child we recently started sponsoring for the first time. He was extremely surprised to have an American show up at his home. I loved bringing him gifts and visiting with him and his family during my time there. Through these opportunities, sponsorship becomes so much more than just a name.

Q: If someone is considering sponsoring a child, what would you tell them?
Your sponsorship is truly making an impact in the lives of these children. You are not only providing for their basic needs but also allowing them to experience the love of Christ. I have seen orphaned, abandoned children grow up with JMI, and they are now giving back to children just like themselves. It may be difficult to imagine that one organization can change a country, but JMI is doing just that, one child at a time.


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