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Moldova is Home to Thousands of Orphan Children

Moldova is home to thousands of orphan children!
As we continue to focus on the plight of the orphaned and vulnerable in Moldova, God continues to show us ways to care for the fatherless there. 

In 2018, our Transitional Living program for teenagers served more resilient young people than ever before! Between our 3 residential homes and the non-residential program, we served 71 young men and women that would otherwise have no place to go. Then, just this past August, we opened our 4th Transitional Living home in Moldova. God is expanding our reach in this beautiful country, and by His grace we are seeing real redemption and transformation happen in the lives of so many young Moldovans.

Watch below the powerful life story of Illie, one of our young men who found his place in our Transitional Living program, and whose life was forever changed because of it.

For more information on our Transitional Living Program or to become a sponsor please contact Rachel Trammell here.

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