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Marina’s Story

The work of Justice and Mercy International not only changes the lives of needy children but also the workers who are trying to become the family of these children. I can say this based upon my experience with this community. 

I learned about JMI one summer in 2018 when I was invited to serve as a translator for a week-long day camp for kids. I was nervous and thought I could not handle the job. I had no experience as a translator, and I thought I would feel strange until I quickly realized these people are just like me, they say what they think, laugh a lot, love life and love God.

Just a few months later, I joined the JMI family, initially as a volunteer, then later as a social worker. The first month I visited children from the centers and villages where I would work has remained memorable to this day. I cried most of the day as I saw the difficulties these people experience and the sad circumstances of these children. It made me sad to think they could not even imagine life could be different. I grew up in a large family with wonderful parents who dedicated their lives so their children could receive a good education and we would not lack for anything. I learned gratitude for everything we had and how to share what we had with those who had less than us. It was normal for my family to take our toys, clothes, and food to needy children. But at that time, I did not realize somewhere far away there were sponsors with JMI, who give up certain personal things on a daily basis so they can support a child in Moldova.

Each time I visit the center for children with disabilities in the city of Hincesti, I am deeply touched. There are so many sick children with different disabilities, along with nurses and mothers who have dedicated their lives to offer protection, support, and love to those who are disadvantaged in our society. It is not easy, but what I have learned in the process of working with these children is that behind the mask of disability, there is always a beautiful child eager to discover the world. JMI helps these children to discover this world, and with the help of sponsors who, through their gestures and letters of love, manage to give more color to these children’s lives.

I had the great privilege to attend the 2019 JMI Annual Gala in Nashville, TN, and learn about what is happening throughout JMI in not only Moldova but also in the Amazon. It is wonderful how sponsors share their lives with children who are complete strangers, but whose destinies can be changed forever. 

Finally, I will never forget how my JMI family supported me and my family during the most difficult period of my life – when my father passed away – and during the happiest moments of my life – my wedding to Igor, who also works with JMI. 

It is a blessing to be a part of this great community, extended to different ends of the world, who care about each member, and in which God’s leadership is visible.

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