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Make a Difference on International Youth Day

JMI’s Transitional Living program cares for orphaned and vulnerable teens with no place to go. Moldova, situated in Eastern Europe, is a small, poor country that has become a hub for human trafficking. Statistics show that many of those who are trafficked are young people who do not have a stable family or home environment. This is where JMI seeks to intervene through our transitional living program. Through the support of a sponsor, these vulnerable young people are provided with a place to live, the care and discipleship of a house parent, a community of peers, financial assistance to pursue education, transportation allowance, medical care, job skill coaching, and more. By intervening at this pivotal time in a child’s life, many have been taken out of harm’s way and have not become a trafficking statistic. By God’s grace, JMI’s Transitional living program is raising up a generation of bright, Christ-following leaders who will change their country.  

Ala, who now serves as a full-time sponsorship coordinator on our Moldova staff, has a story marked by God’s rescue and redemption. If you’ve not yet heard her story, take a few minutes to do so HERE.

Ready to stand in the gap for a vulnerable teen like Ala?

Below are Renata and Cristian. They’ll be moving into our Grace House and Boys to Leaders homes next month and are awaiting the support of a caring sponsor. Join us as we proclaim the good news of the Kingdom, put our words to action, and care for the vulnerable just as Jesus taught us. 

About Renata and Cristian

Renata is now 15 years old. When she was 10 Renata was sent to live at a shelter because her mother abused alcohol and was not suited to care for her. Before that, Renata didn’t have a happy childhood because she spent most of her childhood in Mirești village, without her father, and with her mother. Renata has a passion for children and wants to become a kindergarten teacher or an elementary school teacher. In the 5 years she spent at the shelter, she learned how to take care of younger children and found this calling on her life. Renata says that her goal is to read and to learn something new every day. Renata also has a beautiful voice and likes to sing. Renata tells us that she is very happy to know that JMI wants to give her a chance to start a new life, to study in Chișinău, to live a normal life and to have a job one day.

Cristian is 16 years old. He grew up without a father, living only with his mother who took care of him and his sister. Their mother abused alcohol and because of this, the 2 kids were moved to a care center when Cristian was 8 years old. His hobbies are playing games and soccer. In the future, he wants to be an electrician. Cristian says he wants to be the best in this field. He says that he is eager to be a part of JMI’s program because he needs support, help, advice, and a disciplined schedule, as his desire is to become a responsible man and take care of himself. Others describe Cristian as kind, diligent, and dependable.

Interested in sponsoring one of these resilient teenagers and standing with them to become all that God has called them to be?

Contact Celia Grace HERE.

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