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Jungle Church on Mission

 God continues to expand our mission and ministry in the Amazon. Through the work of our team on the ground, we have been able to begin a brand program in partnership with our jungle pastors. Each year we train and equip over 200 jungle pastors and wives at our Jungle Pastor Conferences. Through these conferences, we have built an incredible network of pastors and local indigenous churches. As we have deepened our relationship with these pastors, they have expressed a desire to take their church members on mission trips deeper into unreached areas of the Amazon.

Research has shown that 80% of the state of Amazonas still has no Gospel presence and our jungle pastors have the heart and the willingness to take the Good News of the Gospel deeper into the Amazon to places where we simply cannot go. This year we completed construction on our new mission trip boat, The Splendor, and instead of selling our legacy boat The Discovery, we have repurposed it to provide a boat for indigenous, local churches to use for mission trips throughout the Amazon region. 


The first trip went out a couple of months ago and our Mission Trip Coordinator in Brazil, Neia, wrote to us about her experience on one of these trips with Pastor Rildo França. Pastor Rildo lives in the region of Nova Olinda do Norte and has attended many of our Pastor’s Conferences over the years.
Thoughts from Neia, Our JMI Mission Trips Coordinator:
“Twenty-three indigenous church members were with Pastor Rildo on the trip. The team was shy at the beginning, but as the days passed by, they started to feel more comfortable and started fully living everything that God had in store for this trip. The Jungle Church Mission Trip Project is beautiful and I believe that it will bless many people both the local church going on a mission trip and the communities that will host the teams. The fact that we’re giving local churches the opportunity to go on mission trips and helping them with the costs is such an encouragement. They know now that everything is possible for anyone who believes. No one is so poor that cannot give, and no one is so rich that cannot receive.”
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