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For those of you who have been interested in our upcoming mission trip to India September 28-Oct. 8th, here are a collection of pictures of where and who we will be serving.  These facilities belong to our partner, Open Arms India, and we look forward to working alongside them and the orphans for whom they care!

Enjoy a taste of India.  If you want a bigger swallow, write me:  [email protected]!


This is the Lighthouse of Hope campus.  The School is on the left with the Church (ground floor) and orphanage (upper floor) on the right.  The pastor’s home sits behind the building on the right and not visible in this photo.  The campus is still a work in process. Several items still need to be added: bathrooms, a fish pond for protein source, trees around campus and a vegetable garden.  The school will begin in the new school year (July). Orphans will be moved in by then.  This is the first of many such campuses we hope to build.  We love having the three ministries on one site and the countryside setting is a great place for the children to live.

Admittedly, we are a little bit proud of a building with glass windows (rare in villages) and even clerestories above to allow warmer air to rise and exit which is very helpful when temperatures exceed 100 and the humidity is way up there too.

                                              Girls working on home work.


This is the interior of Church.

This is New Hope.

Getting the children in larger quarters is a priority in all of our homes – except Good News where the children will have a big campus (by Indian standards) on which to live and play.

Here is a picture of the children of Good News Home who will be living at the Lighthouse of Hope campus.

New Hope Children in their school uniforms.

Rekha and her twin brother live at New Hope Home.

    Arvind is pastor of Lighthouse of Hope and the                    Director of home and school




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