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In Spite of the Headwinds–buy the book and support JMI!

By Samuel Santos

Jesus once said: “Come and see.”  The JMI president repeated those very words to me back in late 2016 when introducing his organization. I joined JMI on a mission trip (I went and saw), I read a book about their work in the Amazon River basin and ever since I’ve been gradually increasing my support to their worldwide mission.

Somebody once said, “you know more about the life of any Christian by looking at his checkbook or credit card statement than at notes on his Bible”. I could talk about JMI, I could think of them, and I could even pray for them, but my checkbooks and credit card statements also needed to reflect my support.

My contribution to humanity must go beyond reaching those in sight. To accomplish that I heard the request of people who heard me speak in corporate management training seminar, in diversity conferences, preach at various churches around the globe, and speak to business leaders and government officials. Their request was kind of a challenging one. They would like to have either a book or DVD capturing the message they heard me say. Following my December 2015 retirement I took the time to put together a book, which I dare refer to as the winner’s manual. “In Spite of the Headwinds – my journey from waste picker to senior corporate executive,” is now a book that provides not only a biography, but also how the trials and tribulation I went through can be thwarted, mastered, avoided and overcome by those facing the very same challenges.  It takes a three-prong approach of victory: Family, Faith and Career. You’ll see the key role my faith in Jesus Christ played in taking me to the highest possible professional level in my field of expertise within Johnson & Johnson. What God has done for me, He can do for you and for those you buy this book for.

All the proceeds from my book sold through JMI’s web site (see link below) will go to help JMI accomplish it’s mission around the world. Shipping for this item is free. 

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