Highlights from our 2nd Annual Benefit Gala - Justice & Mercy International

Highlights from our 2nd Annual Benefit Gala

For those you who love what God is doing through JMI but weren’t able to attend our “Make of Justice Personal” Benefit Gala this year, we wanted to provide you with a few of the highlights from the evening:

These precious moments were interspersed with:

  • An update on last year’s moving introduction of another Moldovan orphan, Elena, her physical prognosis and her new life as a member of Mark and Alva Duke’s family
  • Incredible music by Cindy Morgan and Andrew Greer
  • The fabulous setting created in our auditorium by designer  Anna Berry, and
  • The delicious meal provided again this year by Jason Crockarell’s Flavor Catering

I can think of hundreds of people who are partnering with JMI to write their stories onto the pages of God’s Kingdom that extends to the uttermost parts of the earth.  With or without public acknowledgement, their fingerprints are all over JMI and, more importantly, God’s book of life; their arms wrapped redemptively around a child somewhere who could never repay them.

In the last days of his life, no less than Francis of Assisi said, “Let us begin again, for up till now we have done nothing!”  There is much to do and plenty of ways for you to begin writing your own story or bear down even harder on the pen you’ve already taken up:

  1. We have the transitional living home in Moldova for which we prayed.  If you haven’t made a gift toward this refuge for deeply deprived girls, what could possibly make a better investment?  We still owe $100,000 on this refuge against traffickers and hopelessness…let’s get it paid off this year!   Donate now. 

 2. Flooding, malaria, poverty, spiritual superstition, and inaccessible education are ever-present realities in the Amazon jungle.  They occur with random as well as predictable devastation.  Help us  impact the needs of entire villages by committing to become a passionate Justice & Mercy Amazon ongoing supporter with a gift of $100,  $250, or $500 per month, which we will direct toward the most pressing needs. Donate now. Or commit to sponsor a special needs child  in one of the Amazon villages we support for $100 per month. For more info contact  [email protected]

3. Most importantly, pray earnestly to be available and to be used by God in Moldova, Brazil or South Africa.  Then set up a time to talk to Mary Katharine Hunt ( [email protected]) or Steve Davis ( [email protected]).   Let’s begin a dialogue about your passion, your call, your giftedness, your sphere of influence…all the raw materials to be put at our Lord’s disposal.  We’ll help you decipher it all and map your own plan to Make Justice Personal! 

Help us reach our goal! 

The night of the JMI Benefit Gala we raised just over half of the $200,000 we need to bring in before the end of the year so we can accomplish the goals we have set in 2014. If you would like to donate and help us reach our goal, click here.

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