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Guatemala Update!

What a productive week it’s been! Two weeks ago, we had an amazingly energetic group from Prince Avenue Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia join us in completing the retaining wall we began in May.  There is something truly fulfilling about completing a project.  Beginning in May, with the help of numerous teams, we dug the foundation, laid the concrete blocks and finished out this week by pouring concrete on the top of the wall to complete the retaining wall. This retaining wall is the first of many that will go up all around the site, but it surely is an accomplishment to have the first completed!

The building of the retaining wall reminds me of playing in little league.  Strange connection, but follow me for a moment.  I was probably about 7 or 8 years old, playing our biggest rivals – the Knoxville Stars.  Going into the final inning, we were down about 4 runs, and the outcome didn’t seem like it was going to be in our favor.  When it was our turn at the bottom of the inning to bat, we were surprised to get several runners on base.  Then, it happened.  We scored our first run! Our hopes were restored, and there could be a chance of winning the game.  Hardly able to contain our excitement, the hits kept coming and more runs were scored! The game ended, and resulted in a win for us. It was such an unexpected outcome, but it was so thrilling and exciting to be a part of it.

I view the retaining wall project, and all that’s happening here at Engadi, similar to that experience in little league.  I truly believe Engadi Ministries is taking off.  We’re gaining momentum, people are becoming more aware of what we’re doing here, teams are being formed to assist us, our staff is growing, and above all, God is being glorified through the process!

Last Tuesday afternoon, we had our first full staff meeting.  Looking around, I realized in that moment how God has put together a very special team of people.  Our team looks something like this- Nathan and Claudia Hardeman: the Executive and Assistant Directors; two men overseeing construction (a job foreman and an architect); two interns; a staff member who oversees the team house; and a person assisting us in doing ministry directly in Zone 18. It was heartwarming to see all of the pieces come together for Engadi Ministries. In that meeting, it was evident to see that God is truly forming the team that will carry the name of Jesus to the boys of Guatemala. So encouraging! As the ministry continues to grow and transform, we ask that you join us in prayer in seeking wisdom from God on what to do next.

We have another two teams coming in this Saturday.  One team is from Tulsa and the other is from Oklahoma City totaling 23 people.  This team will come to do Karate demos in hopes of getting the attention of children and adults to eventually share the gospel.  We will also be doing more construction work at the Refuge site as well.

Please be in prayer as the teams share Christ, work hard at the construction site, and love on kids. Pray for wisdom and divine appointments. Pray for the people who have heard the gospel, but never made a commitment to Christ. Pray that God will soften the hearts of those who are so desperately in need of Him.

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