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Changing the Next Generation in Moldova

Over the past year, the situation with the war in Ukraine has continued to impact our work in Moldova. Inflation has soared and energy prices continue to be an area of concern. But our 45+ team on the ground in Moldova continues to serve the most vulnerable children and families across the entire country.

breaking the cycle of poverty

Our Transitional Living program in Moldova aims to raise a new generation of Christian leaders. Through education, counseling, life skills training, and more, vulnerable teenagers can break the cycle of poverty in their lives and gain tools for a brighter future. Volunteerism is also a key piece of our program, involving monthly service hours. 

Currently, our teens are volunteering at churches, cleaning up neighborhood parks and playgrounds, and assisting the elderly with housework and meals. Many of the teens also accompany our staff on sponsorship visits to villages, where they encourage little boys and girls who are walking a similar path as they did as children. They co-teach Bible lessons, distribute gifts, and help the children write letters to their sponsors. This spring, two of our teens, Aura (pictured) and Andrei, joined the monthly visit to Hincesti village, helping to share the Easter story with the children.

growing into godly leaders

When the refugee crisis hit last year, the habit of service that the teens had been cultivating came into play in a big way. They showed remarkable leadership with JMI’s response efforts, volunteering to help meet emergency needs for hundreds of families. The English skills they have gained in our program also opened doors for them to volunteer and engage with other international organizations that came to Moldova during the crisis. 

We praise God for molding the hearts of these teens into people who love to serve others in His name. Our Transitional Living program is not only impacting their lives, it’s growing them into godly leaders who are changing their communities for the better, for generations to come.

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