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Caring for the Forgotten Daily

Caring for the Forgotten Daily

In Carpineni, Moldova:

As the temperatures drop in Moldova, the vulnerable children and families we serve are preparing for the harsh winter ahead. So many of them simply do not have the resources to properly heat or insulate their homes against the frigid temperatures that the winter months inevitably bring. But JMI is there. Thanks to a generous sponsor, we recently installed two new windows and a functioning door for a family in Carpineni Village who have suffered through many snowy and freezing winters in the past. This grandmother faces many obstacles as she single-handedly cares for her two young grandchildren. Our staff on the ground worked overtime to meet this small, but important need for this family. In providing for them in a physical way, we were able to carry the greater hope of Jesus — our true Provision in time of need.

In Terra Preta Village, Brazil:
Our Amazon child sponsorship program is thriving in Terra Preta, thanks to the consistent dedication of JMA volunteer, Stephanie Lira. God is at work in this village that is so dear to us through the ongoing programming led by Stephanie and our staff. Before Stephanie coming on board, we were assisting about 20 kids. Now, Stephanie has grown the program to 45 children participating, ages 2 to 10 years old.

In the words of Brazil National Director, Sarah Rodrigues:

God is drawing these little ones to himself and we see them growing in their understanding of him through our partnership with the local church. Our goal is to continue to develop ways to provide the local River churches with creative and relevant tools to reach out to the families in their village. Pray that we will be creative in encouragement and help to those who need it.

In Catranic, Moldova:

Thanks to one of our faithful church partners, alongside our child sponsorship program in Catranic, our staff has been able to provide food bags for the most vulnerable families in this village. Many of them did not know where their food would have come from otherwise. Our staff has been able to minister to these same families through our monthly sponsorship program, thus offering care spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Pray with us that through this consistent, long obedience, this community would clearly see the love of the Father.

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