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Bringing Hope to Red Hill


You’re receiving this message because you know how important the ministry in Red Hill is. Likely, you have been there yourself, or you have a loved one who has served there. JMI partners with Living Hope, a Cape Town based organization that has full-time staff in the community of Red Hill daily. Through this partnership we are striving to bring hope that breaks despair and offers the Hope of Jesus to this community. The Red Hill Hope Scholarship fund focuses on the first grade class living in Red Hill but also helps all children who live in the community.

This age is a pivotal time in a child’s life because this is when they are required to have a uniform and other school supplies and begin going to school full-time. Many of the families in Red Hill simply do not have the means to purchase uniforms, meaning their kids are not allowed to attend school.

JMI needs to raise $15,000 each calendar year to make this life-changing program happen. This is only 25 people giving $50/month for a year. Or 75 people giving one time annual gifts of $200.

We need to raise the rest of this money as soon as possible in order to best to serve this precious community. God is at work there, we are certain of it. Would you consider giving a monthly or one-time gift to help us reach this goal? You can see our progress and make a gift below.

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