This year, instead of asking for gifts, why not donate your birthday? By donating your birthday to JMI, you can help the children and families that JMI serves fight the threats of human traffickers, substandard education, hunger, and treacherous living conditions.

Donating your birthday is simple. You can set a goal and invite friends and family to help join the cause by sharing your link on social media or even at your birthday party. Help make justice personal for the poor, the orphaned and the forgotten of the world by following these steps below:

Step 1

Go to Give Your Birthday and use the form to the right to quickly & easily create your custom birthday fundraising page

Step 2

Follow the prompts to upload your photo and set a fundraising goal

Step 3

Use social media, email, word of mouth or carrier pigeon to invite your friends into the work of JMI in honor of your birthday

Step 4

Your friends can also text JMIBirthday to 71777

Step 5

You and your friends will easily be able to make a donation straight to JMI

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